Report of SRP Meet, June 2015.


A.  The following members of senior Resource persons were attended the meeting at I.I.T, Kanpur on 10th to 12th June, 2015.

 1.      Prof. H. C. Verma

2.      Dr. Ajay Mahajan

3.      Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh

4.      Mr. Amit Jana

5.      Dr. Brajesh Pandey

6.      Mr. Amit Bajpai ( Local Coordinator)

7.  Mr. Manoranjan Kumar

8.  Mr. Brajesh Dixit

9.  Dr. R. K. Mitra

10. Mr. Rohit Sharma.

The following SRP did not attend this meet.

1.      Dr. R.K.awasthi

2.      Mr. Arun Yadav

3.      Mr. M.S.Marwaha

4.      Mrs. Smita Fangaria

Dr.R.K.Awasthi came himself at Kanpur and informed to Prof. H.C.Verma about his and Mr. Arun Yadav unavailability during this meet due to their personal reason.

Mrs. Smita Fangaria also came and attended NWUPT, 2015and informed Prof. H.C.Verma about her absence during this meet.

But, there is no information about Mr. M.S.Marwaha since last two years. He has not sent any report for this meet.

 B. The SRP meet started with the report of SRP Meet Kolkata, 2014 read  by Mr. Amit Bajpai ,( Local coordinator). The following points came out from the discussion.

1. Mr. Arvind Pathak from Dhanbad, has been appointed as a new SRP in 2015. Mr. Rohit Sharma from Dehradun  joined SRP 2015 meeting as new member. Mr. Manish Yadav, Mr. Nanigopal Mandal         and Mr. Chandrashekhar has kept under watch list for a year.

2. All SRPs had to send their activities report month wise to Dr. R. K. Awasthi. But, it did not happen. The follow up was not properly done. All SRP members were again requested to follow it and Dr. R. K. Awasthi is requested  to ensure it. The consolidated report of all Anveshikas should be published monthly in the IAPT bulletin.

3. Members again failed to comply with another resolution about sending the impressive/important articles in newspaper/ magazine related to physics teaching learning/paper presented in science congress/science journal/seminar to Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh. Again, everybody was requested to comply it seriously. It has also decided that the response of media about workshop conducted by any SRP to be uploaded on UTSAHI PHYSICS TEACHERS Web site.

4.   Every SRP member should upload their individual work on Utsahi Physics teachers’ website.

5.  Dr. Jitender Singh, coordinator ViBha –IAPT Anveshika, Hyderabad had compiled the list of experiments and uploaded on the UTSAHI PHYSICS TEACHERS website. Dr. Bajesh Pandey has been given responsibility to design the format for developing writing materials for all these experiments.  All the SRP members are requested to contribute in this direction.       

6. Exposure camp for SRP has been cancelled for 2015-16.

7. Next SRP meet will take place at Jaipur under supervision of Mr. Manoranjan Kumar.

8.  One state level workshop for teachers is proposed to be conducted at Pilani.

9.  Dr. Brajesh Pandey has informed that he will open ANVESHIKA at Pune after one year.

10. Mr. Brajesh Dixit has reminded to all SRP to create mandatorily two new experiment/Demo and must conduct workshop for at least 50 teachers and 200 students as per clause of SRP member.

11. Prof. H.C.Verma  has appealed to all members to join AAPT and read the journals/papesr uploaded in it. It will give us strength and exposure for understanding of physics.