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Dr H C Verma was born in Darbhanga Bihar on Ramnawami 1952, though he spent most of his childhood in Patna. He did not go through the regular primary schooling but was trained in basic arithmetic by his father Shri Ganesh Prasad Verma. From class 6-10 he had gone through variety of sweet and sour experiences of school education system in India.

After doing Physics Hon. From Patna Science College he got admitted in IIT Kanpur for 2 year M Sc programme in 1975. He continued in the same institution for PhD which he earned in 1980. Trained as Experimental Nuclear Physicist, he joined Patna University as lecturer in Physics, later selected as Reader. In 1994, he shifted to IIT Kanpur where he is working currently as a Professor of Physics.

Prof H C Verma has been keenly interested in developing teaching materials, both in terms of texts and interesting experiments. He is out and out working to enthuse Physics teachers to use innovative methods to make Physics the most enjoyable subject.


Specific Information :

Guided 10 Ph D candidates so far, 5 from Patna University and 5 from IIT Kanpur. A total of 96 Research publications in Peered reviewed journals, total citation about 650 as of December 2012 .

Area of research :

Nanoparticle magnetism, Alloy systems, Accelerator based nanostructuring, Meteorites and extinction boundaries, and many more.

Books authored :

Concepts of Physics, Bharati Bhawan,

Quantum Physics, Surya publications.