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Mr Amit kumar Bajpai

Amit Kumar Bajpai, born on 01-07-1983 in Kanpur got into contact with Dr H C Verma through Shiksha Sopan during his graduation days. Physics was most difficult for him and he dropped this subject in the final year and grduated with Chemisrtry and Mathematics. Through Shikskha Sopan and and Anveshika, he was again attracted towards Physics and started enjoying the short Physics Experiments and its explanations. He got himself enrolled for M. Sc. (Electronics) in DBS PG College, Kanpur and completed it in 2010. Since then he is involved in making new experiments and giving workshops to students and teachers in various parts of UP and outside.

Mr Bajpai has very good management skills and has organized several major events at the platform of Shiksha Sopan. This includes 6-week training of 648 children in science at IIT Kanpur culminating in a big Bal Vigyan Mela visited by more than 5000 visitors.


Specific Information :

He has presented several physics experiments in an educational CD ‘Fun with Physics’, brought out by Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi, in collaboration with Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur

He is one of the resource persons appearing in NCSTC sponsored Video Lectures on Science and Mathematics at Middle School Level.

He is working as a volunteer in Shiksha Sopan, since last eight years and presently (2013) holding the post of Secretary in Shiksha Sopan.

He was instrumental in setting up a Science Resource Center in Kulethi (Uttarakhand) in 2008. He stayed in the village for two weeks and trained local youths to run the center.

He is presently Programme Coordinator of SGM-IAPT Anveshika.