Report of SRP Meet, June 2014.

1.      The following members of senior Resource persons are attended the meeting at Kolkata on 6th to 8th June, 2014.


1.      Prof. H. C. Verma

2.      Dr. Ajay Mahajan

3.      Dr. R. K. Awasthi

4.      Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh

5.      Mr. Arun Yadav

6.      Mr. Amit Jana (Local Coordinator)

7.      Ms. Smita Fangaria

8.      Dr. Brajesh Pandey

9.      Mr. Amit Bajpai

10.  Mr. Manoranjan Kumar

11.  Mr. Brajesh Dixit

12.  Dr. R. K. Mitra


2.       The SRP meet started with the reports of Dr. Ajay Mahajan, Lattur (Maharastra) followed by Ms. Smita Fangaria, Noida (UP). Dr. Mahajan has informed the SRP members about his motivational lectures and science show delivered at different places nearby Latur. Ms. Smita Fangaria informed about her experiences of workshop and demonstrated different small experiments based on the lever system, pulley and inclined machine.

3.       Action plan of previous SRP Meet, at Lucknow, June 2013 was reviewed. The following points came out from the discussion.

a.       Two new members were nominated in Lucknow SRP Meet. Thety were Mr. Manoranjan Kumar Singh from Pilani and Ms. Pragya Nopany from Delhi. Mr. Manoranjan Kumar accepted the offer but Ms. Pragya expressed her limitations for the same. Dr Brajesh Pandey was nominated as SRP from 2014 itself following an e-discussion with all SRPs. Mr Manoranjan K Singh and Dr Brajesh Pandey joined SRP 2014 meeting as new members.

b.      All SRPs had to send their activities report month wise to Dr. R. K. Awasthi. But, it did not happen. The follow up was notproperly done. All SRP members were again requested to follow it and Dr. R. K. Awasthi is requested to ensure it. The consolidated report of all Anveshikas should be published monthly in the IAPT bulletin.

c.       Members again failed to comply with another resolution about sending the impressive/important articles in newspaper/ magazine related to physics teaching learning to Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh. Again, everybody was requested to comply it seriously.

d.      All members were told to upload their articles/ papers/ news related to physics education on Utsahi Physics teachersí website provided that article/ paper has been published in the newspaper/ magazine.

e.      Every SRP member should upload their individual work on Utsahi Physics teachersí website.

f.        SRP Anveshika coordinator are encouraged to send their report to IAPT bulletin to publish it. Members were also encouraged to write articles regularly for IAPT Bulletin.

g.       The following members were given task to prepare the write up-----


1.       Ms. Smita Fangaria††††††† ††††††††††Electrostatics

2.       Mr. Manoranjan Kumar†††††††††† Current Electricity

3.       DR. R. K. Awasthi††††††††††††††††††† ††Optics

Dr. Jitender Singh, coordinator ViBha ĖIAPT Anveshika, Hyderabad has taken up to coordinate with all of them for editing and computer assistance.

h.      It was suggested that SRPs go for a visit of GAIL. Dr. R. K. Awasthi and Mr. Brajesh Dixit have taken the responsibility to finalize the dates of this visit.

i.         Mr. Rohit Sharma , has been nominated as new SRP member. Names of Mr. Mineesh Gulati and Mr. Arvind Pathakaresuggested as another potential new SRPs and it was decided to watch their activities for one more year.

j.        Mr. Laxmi kant Sharma will continue as a ANVESHIKA coordinator but he will not be the member of the SRP group.

k.       Next SRP meet will take place at IIT. Kanpur.

l.         One state level workshop for teachers is proposed to be conducted at Pilani.

m.    It was suggested that the SRPís do a common program in November last week other than their regular activities. The kind of programme that can be undertaken has to be discussed and finalized by SRPs over mail.

n.      Possibility of opening new Anveshikas at Pune by Dr. Brajesh Pandey and at Latur by Mr. Ajay Mahajan should be explored.