5.Report by Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dept. of Physics, Patna Women's College, Patna University- SRP of Utsahi Physics Teachers

Nature of programme

5-hour Workshop for Scout Teachers of Higher secondry School & Secondry  School Teachers of Bihar State involved in 19th Children Science Congress-2011, Madhubani, Bihar



Revitalization of Physics education & Role of Low cost/ No cost  Experiments in Physics Teaching



  Regional Secondry School ,  Madhubani, Bihar



23 October , 2011


Organized/sponsored by

NCSTC-DST, Govt. of India and Science for Society, Madhubani



40 Physics Teachers from Higher secondry School &secondry  School Teachers of Bihar State 



Resource Persons

Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh (Patna Women's College)




·         Inauguration session : 

Dignitories Present :  Dr. Veem Singh, Minister, Govt. of Bihar,  Prof. Dolly Sinha, Principal Magadh Mahila College,   President- Bihar Teachers Association, Dr. Vinay Kumar, Jt. Secretary, Science for Socuety Bihar.

·         Lecture by Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh

In  Inaugural address Dr. Rakesh Kr singh highlighted Role of Physics Education and Sustainable devlopement . He also  spoke , why most of the students are not coming in the knowledge generation and Research & Devlopement stream. This is because Physics is not presented in innovative way in the classroom and teaching should be connected with daily life and emerging Technologies.

*  Following experiments Demonstrated  .

Typical Expts:  Wave motion on slinkey and Straw, Magetic Shielding, Bernouli theorem,  warm water floats on cold water, Motion of a magnets in Al-tube, Water does not fall, key-bottle experiment, Law of conservation of angular momentum, Sky appears blue, Total internal reflection in meter scale and dettol bottle, Convergence lense diverges rays, Electromagnetic wave do not propogates in conductor, Force betweem two ring magnets,  How much  1N force





Feedback from participants: Many participants told us after the workshop that  we want to organize this workshop in my own districts, but fund is not possible. I advised him to contact State council of Educational Research & Training, HRD, Govt. of Bihar for funding and arrange workshop. Teachers are very happy and told to me this is very useful for our chidren and wards also.  Few teachers asked me about Role of Superconductor in dialy life during open house. I answered the questioned as follow: application of superconductors in – E-Bomb, SQUID Magnetometer, MRI etc.