1.Report by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dept. of Physics, Patna Women's College,

 Patna University( SRP of Utsahi Physics Teachers)

5-hour Workshop for Physics teachers and students


Revitalization of Physics Education


Maharana Pratap College, Blok-Mohania, Kamur, Dist- Sasaram, Bihar


19th  December, 2011


Maharana pratap College, Mohania, Kamur, Sasaram, Bihar


15 Physics Teachers from Mohania Block

500 I.Sc + 65 B.Sc students



Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh (Patna Women's College), S.K.Singh, Ex-DRDO Scientist , presently- Chairman- Vidyadaan Institute of Technology, Arion, Buxar




·         Inauguration session : 

Dignitories Present :  Principal M.P.college, Lakshman Kumar, Prof. of Physics, M.P.College, S.k.Singh, Chairman, Vidyadaan Institute of Technology, Buxar, Science Faculty members .  In this occasion all dignitiries spoke on different teaching methods and role of Science teachers in up grrading Science education.

·         Lecture by Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh

 Inaugural address highlighted Relavance and Contributions of Einstein, H.J.Bhabha, C.V.Raman, S.Chandrashekhar in the area Physics . Also visual show of Lenth contraction and Sound wave propogation through ICT and Scope of Physics in the field of  Science and Technology. 1 hr nuture lecture was delivered using PPT- presentation

·         Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics from them

Typical Expts:  Wave motion on slinkey, warm water floats on cold water, Motion of a magnets in Al-tube, Water does not fall, key-bottle experiment, Law of conservation of angular momentum, Sky appears blue, Total internal reflection in meter scale and in  dettol bottle, Force of buoyancy, Springs in series combination.






Input from participants: Many participants told us after the workshop that first time I learnt Physics. Earlier we used to to solve large no. of problems.



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                                                   Mohania, Dist- Kamur, Sasaram, Bihar