7.Report by Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dept. of Physics, Patna Women's College, Patna University- SRP of Utsahi Physics Teachers

Nature of programme

5-hour Workshop for  Teachers of Higher secondry School & Secondry  School Teachers of Bihar



Quality improvement of Physics teaching through Low cost/ No cost  Experiments



State Council of Educational Research & Training, HRD, GOB, Patna            



5 September , 2011


Organized/sponsored by

State Council of Educational Research & Training, HRD, Govt. of Bihar,           



35 Physics Teachers from Higher secondry School &secondry  School Teachers of Bihar State 



Resource Persons

Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh (Patna Women's College)




·         Inauguration session : 

Dignitories Present :  Hasan Baris, Director SCERT, Dr. Archana Verma, Research Officer, SCERT, Patna  Dr. Ashok Kumar, Science teacher, Boys High School , Sastrinagar, Patna

·         Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics by Dr. Rakesh kumar Singh

Typical Expts:  Wave motion on slinkey and Straw, Magetic Shielding, Bernouli theorem,  warm water floats on cold water, Motion of a magnets in Al-tube, Water does not fall, key-bottle experiment, Law of conservation of angular momentum, Sky appears blue, Total internal reflection in meter scale and dettol bottle, Convergence lense diverges rays, Electromagnetic wave do not propogates in conductor, Force betweem two ring magnets,  How much  1N force






Feedback from participants: Several physics Teachers asked me to difficultiy in understanding few things  in new NCERT Syllabus like – Bose- Einstein Condensation & Superfludity, Difference between Emf and Potential difference. I have answered these  questioned and invited these teachers to visit the lab of Dept. of Physics, Science College and Patna Women’s College for exposer.













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