Report by Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dept. of Physics, Patna Women's College, Patna University(( SRP of Utsahi Physics Teachers)

Nature of programme

National Conf. On Educational technologies in

Teaching & learning: Prospects and Challenges


 Creating interest in Physics Learning and Devloping Scientific Temper through low cost - no cost Demonstrations



Patna Women’S College, Patna University


   3rd March,2012.

Organized/sposored by

Dept. Of Education, Patna Women’s College


 Delagates of the national Conferences: Teachers and Ph.D students: Total number- 150


Resource Persons

Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh (Patna Women's College)  and Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Patna University, Science College


·         Programme : Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh delivered a lecture on above mention title and Dr. Amarendra narayan  help him to demonstrated the Low cost experiments . They told that Interest in pure science is dwindling all over the world. This trend urgently needs to be reversed if we want sustained development of the world . Teaching through low cost experiments is necessary for revitalizing physics education in India .

Dr. Jessie Modi, Principal, Women’s training College, Patna University was chairing the session and in her concluding remarks she told that such low cost experiments should reach the downtrodden parts of the india.

·         Demonstration of simple experiments by Dr. Rakesh Kr singh and Dr. Amarendra narayan

Low cost Optical Bench, Two dimensional grating using cloth mesh., Refractive Index of jelly balls, Demonstration of extinction by crossed polaroids and optical rotation by a cello tape, A Low cost spectroscope based on CD and Seeback effect.



Feedback from participants: Feedback  emerges from this delagetates of this National Conference  - UGC/DST should encourges such innovative practices through financial support.