Report by Dr H C Verma, IIT Kanpur


Nature of programme

6-hour Workshop for Physics teachers and students


Role of Low cost Experiments in Physics Teaching


DAV Centenary Public  School, Haridwar


6th November, 2011

Organized/sposored by

Sarvoday Sadhana Samooh, Uttarakhand



30 Physics Teachers from Haridwar and Hilly areas

25 MSc  students only in the first session

Resource Persons

H C Verma ( IITK), Rohit Sharma (Utsahi Physics Teachers from Dehradun)



1.       Interaction with class 11-12 students:

Selected students of the host school were called to interact with Prof H C Verma and Prof Ramsagar. Prof Verma gave them a short speech telling them to study with a mission of enhanching the knowledge base and not just acquiring the knowledge. Students asked a number of questions from variety of areas including relativity, duality and astrophysics. These were dealt with keeping their background level in mind.

2.       Inauguration session: 

Dignitories Present : Sh B  Purohit, Principal DAV College, Dr Ram Sagar, Director, ARIES Nanital, Ms Ganga Bist, Patron, Sarvoday Sadhana Samooh, Dr Rajendra Agrawal, Dean Gurukal Kangari Vishwasvidyalaya.

Ms Pratibha, Physics Teacher from the host school  anchored the inaugural session. Speakers expressed their views on Physics education scenario

3.       Lecture by Dr H C Verma:

 “Role of low cost experiments in Physics Teaching” highlighting the need to connect school education with life.

4.       Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics from them:

Typical Expts: Newton’s laws from Matchbox-coin, warm water floats on cold water, reflection and refraction of light from plastic lenses having flat surfaces, plastic scale as a prism, flux loss through core of transformer, creation of EMF in transformer due to transients in secondary, retension of magnetism in pins and magnet keepers, Resonance in pendulum with different length, angular momentum of a bicycle wheel

5.       Discussion:

Discussion were held  on NWUPT and the mission of Utsahi Physics Teachers






Mr Rohit  Sharma, who had participated in NWUPT for the first time in 2010, played a lead role in conducting most the experimental part of the programme. He brought his own set of experiments from Dehradun and discussed good physics from these demos.


Several  of the teachers were from degree and PG colleges from Hill areas of Uttarakhand. But the basics of Physics in real experimental situation was something very new for them too. All appreciated the proposed methodology to transmit science.




Input from Organizers/Sponsors: SArvoday Sadhana Samooh had been eagerly trying for such an event for quite some time. They expressed great satisfaction over the programme and were confident that this workshop will enthuse many of the participants and will give them new active workers.


The Principal, DAV Centanary Public School was also impressed with the theme of the workshop laid down in the initial lecture by Dr Verma and expressed hope in the valedictory session that  the participants will now take this approach to teach Physics.


Input from participants: Many participants told us after the workshop that they will try out experiment based teaching in their classroom will come to NWUPT-2012.



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