Report by Dr H C Verma, IIT Kanpur


Nature of programme

Workshop in Delhi


Opportunity and challenges in Physics


Air force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi


28th April, 2011

Organized/sposored by

Bharati Bhawan (P&D)



30 teachers and 160 students of class 12. From each school, 5-6 students with one teacher

Resource Persons

Prof H C Verma (IITK), Dr R K Awasthi (Agra), Ms Smita Fangaria (Amity International School, Noida)



1.       Inauguration by Chairman, Management Committee, Flying Captain Vijay Kumar and Executive Director, Minisha Rajput. Stage conducted by Principal and Head, Physics Dept

2.       Introduction by Bharati Bhawan

3.       Speech by Prof H C Verma, highlighting need to connect school education with life. Importance of self study.

4.       Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics from them. Typical Expts: How long the line on board? How much is 1 N force? Weightlessness with a spring. Newton’s 3rd law with ring magnets. Pushing water with your fist. Why does ink diffuses differently in two glasses containing water? Reflection in Dettol bottle.

5.       Activity by participants: Making a capacitor with kitchen home Aluminium  foil and newspapers. Making a pencil stand upright using magnetic confinement.

Discussion and Q-A session



The whole programme was for 5 hours and children enjoyed it immensely. Though the discussions were targeted at students, the 30 teachers were also greatly benefited. Most exciting was Capacitor making with 9 m long Aluminium foil as plates and newspapers as dielectric. Students from one school made one capacitor. All the capacitors were measured for the capacitance using LCR meters and most of them were around 0.2-0.3 microfarad, expected from equation with given parameters.

Input from Sponsors: We had been conducting science workshops for students for many years. After a long time we had seen the glitter in the eyes of the students.