Nature of programme

Two Days ANVESIKA Workshop For Physics Teachers


Role of Low cost Experiments in Physics Teaching


Birla Public School, Pilani, Rajasthan


21-22 January,2012

Organized/sposored by

Birla Education Trust, Pilani



27 Physics Teachers from Rajasthan,Haryana & Utter Pradesh.

200  students only in the lecture session

Resource Persons

H C Verma ( IITK), Manoranjan Kumar (Utsahi Physics Teachers from Pilani )



  1. Interaction with class 11-12 students

200 school students of the host school were called to interact with Prof H C Verma. Prof Verma had delivered a lecture on Indian science : Past, Present And Future. He encouraged the students as well as teachers to join the field of research work in basic sciences. After the lecture, students were asked the various questions related to physics and how to prepare for i.i.t examination.

  1. Inauguration session : 

Dignitories Present : Col. V.N.Ratnakar (Rtd.) , Director, Birla Education Trust and  Capt. (IN)  Alokesh Sen,Principal  of the host school.

The inauguration was done jointly by the Director, Principal,  and Prof. H.C. Verma.

Mr. Manoranjan kumar, utsahi Physics Teacher, from the host school, has Coordinated the programme.

  1. Lecture by Dr H C Verma:

         “Role of low cost experiments in Physics Teaching” highlighting the need to connect        school education with life to the physics teachers.

Prof, Verma had delivered lecture on   “Indian science : Past, Present And Future” to the whole gathering of teachers and stuents. Dr. Anshuman Dalvi and Dr. S.N. Carbelkar , of Birla Institute Of technology and Science, has also attended his Lecture .


  1. Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics from them

Experiments : Dettol  bottle experiment for refraction of light, Concept of lens through plastic bottle, Concept of centripetal force by laser light rotation, Scale as a prism and helping tool to measure the reaction time, Archimedes diver, Rrising of water in glass candle experiment, Rising of liquid in bottle due to body temperature  on  thermal expansion, Demonstration of center of mass motion, Rolling of nut in metal wire and concept of friction, Jumping rings experiment, Electromagnetic induction demonstration, Resistance of bulb experiment, straw experiments of electrostatic charge,  Weightlessness During free fall.





Mr. Manoranjan kumar, who had participated in NWUPT in 2011 and ALTOP -2010,  played a lead role in conducting most the experimental part of the programme. He had shown his lab where he had made no of experiments like Infinity well, Rotating Welcome, Magic tap, Infinite Spherical ball, naughty coil etc.




Input from Organizers/Sponsors:

The Principal, Birla Public school , was Highly  impressed with the theme of the workshop conducted by Prof. Verma. He assured that this kind of workshop will be Organized again in the near future. He made appeal to the participants teachers to carry this message “ first show, then teach “ forward .

Input from participants: Many participants told us after the workshop that they will try out experiment based teaching in their classroom  and  will come to NWUPT-2012.


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