National Anveshika Network of India (NANI)




Name of the Anveshika:   RAMAN- IAPT ANVESHIKA, AGRA.       Place: AGRA


Contact details:  email:,;


Phone: +919412721168                      





       Number  of              


Teachers       Students

Level of participants (Middle school/high school/Plus-2/UG)

16th jan 2012

12:00 pm

St. Georges College, Agra



9th  and 11th


Description of the Programme; (Ianuguration details/ Chief Guest/Activities)


Program inaugurated by Prof. H. C. Verma(IIT Kanpur) and Vice Principal Mr. S. D. Sewak


It was an interactive session with the children and teachers.


A number of questions were asked on LHC, waves, nuclear forces, mass dilation etc.


Teachers attending the program:


1. Mr. Sultan Hassan


2. Mrs. Bhavna Raghuvanshi


3. Dr. Mukesh Bansal


4. Mrs. Srivastva


5. Mr. Anjuna Messey


6. Mr. Nipun Sharma


7. Dr. E. Phillip


8. Mr. Ajay Singhal


9. Mr. Sumit Dua


10. Mr. J. Simon


Conducted By:


Dr. R K Awasthi


General Feedback of the Participants


It was a very good interactive and informative session and many such programs should be

organized on regular basis.

Your feedback (how did you feel after doing this programme)


It was a privilege to organize such a program and all those who attended the program

 appreciated such an effort.