National Anveshika Network of India (NANI)






 Number  of             

Teachers       Students

Level of participants (Middle school/high school/Plus-2/UG)




2-5 PM

OUCW, Koti, Hyderabad

39 Students, 12 Teachers

9th-12th, BSc


Total Expense


From Other Sources





Description of the Programme; (Inauguration details/ Chief Guest/Activities): The Preliminary Test of National Experimental Skill Test 2014 was conducted on 9th August 2014 at Koti Osmania University College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad. Thirty nine students participated in the event. The school level and college level tests were conducted in parallel.


ViBha-IAPT-Anveshika procured/arranged equipment for eight experiments (four for school and four for college). This expenditure may be considered as capital investment as most of the equipment/instruments will be used in other Anveshika activities.


The facilities at the test premises were generously provided by Ms Dr. C P Vardhani, Head of Department Physics, University College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad. Below listed eight physics professors generously agreed to be evaluators for prelims test. The local Vijnanabharati team felicitated all these professors with Telugu translated book of ”Ancient Indian Contribution to Science and Technology”. The event was concluded with National Anthem and vote of thanks by Sri B Ramakrishna, Scientist from DMRL. Sri Jitender Singh and Shri Vimal Mishra,scientist from DRDO has provided the experimental setup and guidelines to the evaluators.


1.      R Ethirajulu,

2.      Dr.Mrs-Bapi Raju,

3.      P Ravikumar Sharma,

4.      Dr CRN Sharma,

5.      NVK Visweswar Rao,

6.      Raju L K,

7.      Narasimha Gouda,

8.      Ch SLN Sridhar,


General Feedback of the Participants: The feedback from the students was very positive.


Your feedback (how did you feel after doing this programme): The event was successfully concluded. There were few issues which were easily resolved. The winners for the Prelims test are,

(I) College Level (1st) K S Lakshmi, BSc (2nd) Upasana Sahu, BSc (3rd) Shared between (a) Soma Navya, and (ii) K Sai Swetha

(II) School Level: (1st) A Shanmukh (2nd) H Bhardwaj (3rd) Shared among (a) T Tarun Reddy (b) Pranjal Pathak (iii) Sai Arvind