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9:30AM-12:15 PM

Defence Lab School, Kanchanbagh, Hyd

34 Students, 3 Teachers



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Description of the Programme; (Inauguration details/ Chief Guest/Activities): This event was initiated by Dr. Srinivas, Scientist DRDO, and member, Management Committee, Defence Lab School, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad. Initially, one hour was spent on discussion with school principal and science teachers on activity based learning and demonstration based teaching. The importance of these two techniques were discussed. The principal and science teachers briefed about school initiative towards promoting science. The school conducts science exhibition at school level and also send students at other exhibitions.


Next one hour was devoted to visit to the science laboratory. It was interesting to observe that school devoted three rooms for science exhibits from a well known museum, Birla Science Museum. However, when these exhibits were operated, I found that some of these are not working and others were not being used for a long time, which was easily visible from thick layer of dust. The school was unable to make effective use of available resources. The school principal suggested starting of science club for interested students, which is a welcome initiative.


Last 45 minutes were spent on delivering a demonstration based teaching lecture for students of class 10th. Thirty four students and three science teachers attended the lecture delivered by Jitender Singh. Two demos viz electrostatic of rotating straw and elctrolysis of salt solution were demonstrated. The physics behind these demonstrations was discussed in details with active participation of the students.


General Feedback of the Participants: The principal and science teachers were very positive about incorporating demonstration based teaching in school. The students enjoyed the session on demonstration based teaching. The interactive session was encouraging for demonstrator.


Your feedback (how did you feel after doing this programme): In this school, the problem is not related to resources but effective use of available resources. There is a requirement to encourage science teachers towards demonstration based teaching method. Science club at school is good initiative and ViBha-Anveshika is ready to provide initial support for it.