Nature of programme

Workshop For Physics Teachers


LEARNING basic principles of electricity and magnetism BY DOING


Birla Public School, Pilani, Rajasthan



Organized/sposored by

Birla Education Trust, Pilani



30 Physics Teachers from different schools of Rajasthan

20 students from different schools of Rajasthan


Resource Persons

Dr.R.K.Awasthi,Agra & Manoranjan Kumar (Utsahi Physics Teacher from Pilani )





1     Inauguration session : 

Dignitaries Present : Col. V.N.Ratnakar (Rtd.) , Director, Birla Education Trust and  Capt. (IN)  Alokesh Sen, Principal  of the host school and Academic Coordinator, Mr. S.K.Bral and H.O.DS of different science departments.

The inauguration was done jointly by the Director, Principal and Dr R.K.Awasthi.

Mr. Manoranjan kumar, utsahi Physics Teacher, from the host school, coordinated the programme.

2.      Lecture by Dr R.K.Awasthi:

Dr. R.K. Awasthi  delivered a lecture on the importance of learning physics by doing in the class. He appealed to the teachers to bring the students to the lab and develop the habit to show the concepts by making small low cost exhibits. He emphasized on the fact that children should be made to think and act scientifically.


3.      Demonstration of simple experiments with learning Physics from them

Experiments : plastic  bottle experiment for refraction and reflection of light, Concept of lens through plastic bottle, Scale as a prism, glass slab and helping tool to measure the reaction time, thermal expansion by plastic bottle, Demonstration of center of mass motion, Rolling of nut in metal wire and concept of friction, Jumping rings experiment, Electromagnetic induction demonstration, , Straw experiments on electrostatic charge,  Weightlessness during free fall. Syringe experiment for pressure difference, lifting of coin on tapping of match box, Phenomena of beats, interference and diffraction



Mr. Manoranjan kumar, Coordinator, BPS IAPT Anveshika, Pilani (Rajasthan.) who had participated in NWUPT in 2011,2012 and ALTOP-2010,  played a lead role in conducting most of the experimental part of the programme. He had shown his lab where he had made number. of experiments like Infinite well, Rotating Welcome Machine, Magic tap, Infinite Spherical ball, Naughty coil , Magnetic effect of current, Magnetic force, Electromagnetic induction, Eddy current, Simple electric motor.




Input from Organizers/Sponsors:

The Principal, Birla Public school , was highly  impressed with the theme of the workshop conducted by Dr. R.K.Awasthi. He assured that this kind of workshop will be organized again in the near future. He made appeal to the participant teachers to carry this message first show, then teach forward .

Input from participants: 

Many participants told us after the workshop that they will try out experiment based teaching in their classroom  and if they are called for NWUPT-2013, they will definitely join.


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