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National workshop of Utsahi Physics Teachers (NWUPT)

The SRPs including Prof. H. C. Verma keep doing short term workshops with Physics Teachers round the year. Most of these fall under the category of Introductory Interaction Programme (IIP). Besides they are deputed as Resource persons in various Physics training programmes by state and central agencies. We encourage these teachers to implement new innovative teaching methodologies in their teaching programmes and write to us about their experiences. During these interactions, a number of enthusiastic teachers are identified who have potential and will contribute towards innovations in Physics Teaching. Only such teachers are invited in the 6-day NWUPT held every year in Summers, generally at IIT Kanpur.

NWUPT has agenda packed pragramme schedule and teachers are engaged in workshop from morning 8:00 AM to late in the night 10:00 PM, with only small breaks in between. It is amazing to see the dedication with which these teachers try to learn and share different aspects of Physics learning and teaching.


You can find the reports of National Workshops here.

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