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Nature is beautiful and understanding it, from quarks and leptons to Galaxies, is even more beautiful.

Learning Physics and sharing it with students and fellow colleagues is an exciting experience and also a great challenge.

Through workshops on Physics experiments, Science shows, Teacher's training Camps and numerous other activities, Utashi Physics Teachers are spreading the fragrance of Physics learning thrill among students and teachers from middle school to undergraduate level.

This group has been coordinated by Professor H. C. Verma. He is Professor of Physics at IIT Kanpur and is constantly interacting with Physics teachers at school and college levels towards making Physics Teaching interesting and more meaningful. From these interactions, this group of highly motivated teachers has evolved which we call “Utsahi Physics Teachers”.



23 May-28 May, 2014 National Workshop of Utsahi Physics Teachers
IIT Kanpur
6-8 June, 2014 SRP Meeting Seva Kendra, Sealdah, Kolkata

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